Tips on How to Bring Bee City to Your Community

Beginning Stages: 

Find local groups that support the initiative. These groups can include:

  • Garden Clubs and Community Gardens
  • Beekeepers Associations
  • Farmers Associations
  • Environmental Groups
  • School Environmental Clubs
  • Tourist Offices
  • Local Conservation Areas or Provincial Parks
  • Business Improvement Associations
  • Local Businesses
    • Schools
    • B&Bs
    • Flower Shops
    • Organic Grocery Stores
    • Faith Communities
    • Et Cetera
  • Read up on issues pollinators are facing
  • Ensure you understand the Bee City Canada application so you may answer any questions others have.

Reaching out to City Council:

  • Email all councilors and the mayor together
  • Include in your email
    • A bit about yourself and why you think Bee City is so important
    • Groups you have found to support you
    • Call Bee City Canada a movement
    • Include other communities in your area or province that have already adopted the initiative
    • Use professional language and proper greetings
  • Be persistent in your communications
    • If you do not receive an answer in a week or so, send a secondary email
    • Keep your tone respectful
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