Pollinator Resources

Education is the key for spreading the word about what we can all do for pollinators. Check out some of these wonderful educational resources for lifetime learners of all ages.

Buzz Webinars

Our Buzz Webinar series focuses on educational talks with local pollinator protectors and experts in their field to learn about innovative ways people are helping pollinators in their communities.

Learn About Pollinators

Did you know there are thousands of pollinators in Canada? This includes butterflies, moths, beetles, flies, hummingbirds and over 800 native bees!

Plant a Pollinator Garden

Resources to help you design and cultivate the perfect pollinator garden for your outdoor space.

Native Plants in Your Region

Learn About Native Plants

Learn about the native plants that are important to pollinators in the region where you live.

Find Native Plant Nurseries

Native Plant Directory

A directory of native plant nurseries across Canada to help you find native plants, flowers, trees, shrubs and seeds for sale in your area.

Nesting Habitat for Native Pollinators

One of the main threats facing pollinators in Canada is loss of toxic-free biodiverse habitat. These are safe places where pollinators eat, sleep, play and build their nests.

Soil Health

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is based on various agricultural and ecological practices, with an emphasis on soil health and surrounding ecosystems.

Kids Corner

Kids Corner

Learn about pollinators and their habitat and have fun with these activities and crafts for kids of all ages!

Print Materials

Print Materials

Informational postcards, brochures and banners that can printed for your next event.

Print Materials

Garden Signs

Our garden signs can be printed on vinyl, aluminum or other metals so they’re durable enough for outdoor use.

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