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Bee City Canada is about communities working together to protect pollinators and preserve the beauty of nature.

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Driven by a team of experts and concerned, passionate people, we strive to help all Canadians better understand our close connection with pollinators and their critical link to the health of the planet. Our goals are to give direction and encouragement on the actions we can all take to help all pollinators.

Jordan Phelps

Program Coordinator

Jordan Phelps is the Bee City Program Coordinator for Pollinator Partnership Canada. His passion for pollinators was sparked as an undergraduate at Western University where he studied animal cognition and learned about the incredible feats of learning and memory that bees and other small-brained but mentally mighty pollinators are capable of. He went on to complete an MSc at Western in neuroscience where he studied how exposure to common pesticides impacts the ability of bumblebees to learn about and gather food from flowers. This experience launched a lifelong interest in pollinators – not only for the good of our food crops and the ecosystem, but also because they are fascinating creatures to watch and learn from.

Jordan is delighted to bring this passion to Bee City Canada, where he works with municipalities, Indigenous communities, campuses, schools and businesses to make meaningful change for pollinators.

Adèle Grenouilleau

Project Coordinator

Adèle is a project coordinator for Pollinator Partnership Canada and Bee City Canada. She has been interested in pollinators since an early age due to an insatiable curiosity about nature. After completing a master’s degree in political science at Université du Québec à Montréal, Adèle specialized in wildlife conservation. Her final research paper explored how wildlife species are put on the international political agenda, with a focus on bees. As a native French speaker, she is responsible for translating documents for P2C and Bee City Canada. Adèle is excited to work and learn from the amazing team at Pollinator Partnership Canada!

Gabriel Slater

Creative Director

Gabriel joined Bee City Canada in the summer of 2016. A lifelong believer in animal rights, he understands the importance of raising awareness of the threats facing pollinators and how their survival is crucial to our ecosystem. A graphic designer and web developer for over 20 years, he’s helped bring Bee City Canada’s vision to life.

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