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By purchasing any of the products below, you’ll be directly supporting Bee City Canada. A huge thanks to all of our sponsors and donors who make it possible for Bee City Canada to protect pollinators! 

Tickled Tea

With every 30g purchase of Tickled Tea’s The Bee’s Knees blend, $1 will be donated to Bee City Canada to help protect pollinators and their environments!

Bumble Kids

Bumble Kids is encouraging parents, teachers and students to become ‘Pollinator Champions’ at their local schools as well as donating 40% of every Bumble Kid Kit to Bee City Canada. Created by 10-year old Grace when she learnt about the problems facing bees, Bumble Kid Kits consist of 2 peat pots, soil, 10 Willowleaf sunflower seeds and instructions. Willowleaf sunflowers are native to North America and bloom from July to August. Learn more about Grace and why she wants kids from all over Canada to learn about pollinators and how gardening can help!

Bleu Lavande


Bleu Lavande Co. is donating $0.50 of every Honey-Lavender Handmade Soap bar sold to Bee City Canada. Enriched with honey and lavender essential oil, this soap cleanses the skin gently and offers a soothing sensation. Handmade in Quebec. Give the gift of nature and support Bee City Canada here.

Bleu Lavande is also committed to creating pollinator-friendly habitat on their farm in the Eastern Townships, Quebec and educating their visitors. See our Bee Partners page or visit their website to find out more about how they are protecting pollinators in Canada. 

Grandma’s Honey Drops


5% of Grandma’s Honey Drops sales are being donated to Bee City Canada. Their honey drops are made with real honey and are free of all the bad-for-you ingredients usually found in candy: corn syrup, artificial ingredients or preservatives and artificial food colouring.

Proudly made in Canada, Grandma’s prides itself on sourcing its honey from local producers. They also has an education page on their website, explaining why pollinators are so important. Check out their honey drops here. donates 100% of the proceeds from their ‘Backyard Bees of North America’ poster to Bee City Canada. They also give this poster free of charge to each Bee City to display and educate the public on the diversity of bee species in North America. Get the poster here.

Nogu Studio

5% of sales from Nogu Studios Crystal Queen Bee Bracelet Collection is donated to Bee City Canada in an effort to make a difference and spread awareness about the importance of saving pollinators around the globe. See the collection here.

Tees for Bees


Tees for Bees is generously giving 10% of their sales to Bee City Canada. All apparel is made ethically & printed in the USA. Organic options are available. Check out their website to see their beautiful range of clothing and accessories.

Tees for Bees owner, Kelly, also started an ambassador program that is over 7000 strong to spread information on the decline of pollinators and how to help! Please see our Bee Partners page or visit their website to learn more about how they have committed to protecting pollinators.

Use your power as a consumer to protect pollinators! Other ways you can help include supporting local farmers that are pesticide-free, purchasing food in-season and buying or planting native flowering plants for your garden. 

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