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We created our virtual learning sessions to teach students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6 about pollinators. Our presentations are designed to compliment the “Living Systems” curriculum taught in our schools and content is tailored specifically for primary and junior students. During the 2021/2022 school year our presentation was seen by over 14,000 students!


Our goal is to inspire 30,000 students this school year!

"Thank you so much for coming! I really enjoyed the presentation. I find bees very interesting and cool to learn about. I loved all of the facts and videos! The colours of the bees were really interesting, I liked seeing the blue bees. I learned so much and I had no idea that bees were so smart! I thought that the fuzzy bees looked really cute and sweet."

Mr. Thompson’s Grade 6 students


“Hi there, Your workshop was awesome! I could see the smiles in the children's faces and they were pretty engaged. It was a great balance of movement, music and content. I am so happy you did this for our class. It was fantastic! I learned so much about bees that I never knew.”

 Mrs. Power (Special Needs Class)

The Bee City Canada School programs cultivate a climate that encourages students to ask critical questions. Students are encouraged to become problem solvers by examining real-world contexts through experiential learning.

Ashleigh White
Elementary School Teacher

“Thank you again for your very informative and enjoyable presentation. We really enjoyed it so much. We have written you some letters and made some drawings that we would like to send to you. The presentation was perfect in my opinion. My class was fully engaged. You had a lot of good variety (visuals, songs, videos, etc.) and your enthusiasm captivated the kids.“  

Mrs. Rombough (Grade 3)

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