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Become a Bee City Canada Community and make the commitment to protect pollinators and their habitat in your community.

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Become a Bee Community

A Bee Community is part of a North American movement to support pollinator protection. Bee City communities support collaboration and establish and maintain healthy pollinator habitat within the municipality or First Nation’s boundaries.

Bee City Communities include municipalities, regions, Indigenous Communities and other communities that commit to protecting and promoting pollinators through Bee City Canada.

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Bee City

Cities, Towns, Regions, Municipalities and Indigenous communities.

Bee City Campus
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Bee Campus

Colleges and Universities.
Bee City Schools
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Bee School

Elementary schools, Secondary schools and Daycares.


Bee Communities Across Canada

Community Building

Bee communities educate people about the importance of pollinators in our daily lives.

Protect Pollinators

A Bee Community protects pollinators by eliminating pesticides and providing healthy habitat.

Beautify Your Land

A Bee Community creates beauty by planting pollinator friendly plants and flowers.

Spread The Love

Bee Communities celebrate pollinators and show them gratitude for what they provide us.