Magasiner pour les abeilles

By purchasing from the companies below, you will be directly supporting Bee City Canada. A huge thanks to all of our sponsors and donors who make it possible for Bee City Canada to protect pollinators!


30% of each product or bundle will be donated to Bee City Canada

Together we can make a difference and support our pollinators, in particular our bees. We can make an impact by donating to an organization that helps protect pollinators, and provides education to bring awareness to all Canadians.

Join the movement and help protect our pollinators.


Lyn Noble Botanicals

Vintage watercolours printed in canada.

Lyn Noble Botanicals

NRGY Honey Superfood


NRGY Honey Superfood is thrilled to be partnering with Pollinator Partnership Canada and Bee City Canada, both are registered not-for-profit organizations dedicated exclusively to the protection and promotion of pollinators. Through our #SaveOurPollinators program, with every purchase you make, we are proud to donate 5% to Pollinator Partnership Canada so they can continue to protect pollinators and their ecosystems through conservation, education, and research.

NRGY Honey logo

Bee Pampered


We believe you need to lead by example. We are committed to making the choice to do everything we can to help the planet as we grow as a company. If everyone could shed some light on your organization, a small contribution that takes little effort, it can change the world.

Bee Pampered logo

Province Apothecary


Not only do we love bees for their honey and wax (amazing ingredients used in our products and facials), but also for the irreplaceable role that bees play in our environment and food system.

We believe in supporting these invaluable resources and have decided to support Bee City Canada in their mission to inspire cities, towns, First Nations, schools, businesses and other organizations to take action to protect pollinators. 

Province Apothecary

Bleu Lavande


Bleu Lavande Co. reverse à Bee City Canada 0,50$ pour la vente de chaque savon parfumé au miel et à la lavande. Ce savon enrichi en miel et en huile essentielle de lavande, skin gently and offers a soothing sensation. Handmade in Quebec. Give the gift of nature and support Bee City Canada.

Bleu Lavande EN logo remet 100% de ses revenus issus de la vente de l’affiche « Backyard Bees of North America » à Bee City Canada. L’entreprise offre également gratuitement l’affiche à chaque membre de la communauté Bee City, afin d’informer le public sur la diversité des espèces d’abeilles en Amérique du Nord. Demandez votre affiche

Tickled Tea

Pour chaque achat de 30g du mélange « Bee's Knees » de chez Tickled Tea, 1$ sera remis à Bee City Canada pour aider à protéger les pollinisateurs et leurs environnements!

Nogu Studio

Au total, 5 % des ventes de bracelets de la collection Crystal Queen Bee de Nogu Studios Crystal Queen Bee Bracelet Collection is donated to Bee City Canada in an effort to make a difference and spread awareness about the importance of saving pollinators around the globe.

Utilisez votre pouvoir de consommatrice et de consommateur pour protéger les pollinisateurs en soutenant les producteurs locaux qui n’utilisent pas de pesticides, en achetant des aliments de saison, en achetant des plantes à floraison indigènes pour votre jardin. 

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