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Cette liste a été établie par des bénévoles et nous ne sommes pas responsables de l'exactitude des informations fournies. Si vous constatez des inexactitudes, veuillez envoyer un courriel à [email protected].

DIY Bee Bath

Creating a bee-friendly garden means more than just planting flowers. While bees are in your garden you will want to give them a place to collect water: a pond, fountain, or a bee bath. A bee bath is a simple bee water feeder that is easy to make and care for in your home garden, and it’s a nice touch to set out for your pollinating guests.


  • Shallow dish
  • Plant pot
  • River stones
  • Fresh water

Make it!

  1. Choose a spot in the garden where it is protected and shady.
  2. Set a plant pot upside down to use as a base.
  3. Set a shallow dish on top of the pot.
  4. Choose a dish that is water safe like glass or ceramic, as plastics and metals may leech into the water.
  5. Add a few river stones into the dish.
  6. Add just enough water that the tops of the stones are not submerged.
  7. Change water daily and clean the bee bath weekly.

DIY Bee Hotel


  • A plant pot, a plastic bottle (cut in half), a tin can or a ceramic coffee mug
  • Bamboo canes or rolled up sheets of paper
  • String or raffia
  • Compost (sticks, branches, leaves, recycled newspaper)
  • Decorations/Pens to decorate (optional)

Make it!

  1. Cut up the bamboo canes (or chosen alternative) so they'll fit snuggly inside the plant pot or alternative.
  2. Pack them tightly into the plant pot, and if you need to pack compost around until all the canes are secure.
  3. Decorate your hotel if you so wish (paint, marker, etc…)
  4. Tie string around the pot nice & tightly, and hang up somewhere in your garden

*Note: if you use the coffee mug, you will not require the string.  Simply hang the mini hotel by the handle of the mug


  • Your bee hotel needs to be in a sunny, but sheltered spot.
  • The pot needs to be slightly pointed downwards, so it doesn't just fill up with rain.
  • Pop in near some flowers so the bees don't have to travel too far.

DIY Seed Bombs


  • Recycled Construction Paper scraps (any colour)
  • 3-5 pkg. Flower Seeds
  • Food Processor or Blender
  • Scissors
  • Water
  • Silicone mold (optional)

Make it!

  1. Cut or tear each piece of paper into about 1-inch squares and put them into a small dish. Keep each paper color in its own dish.
  2. Fill each dish with water just until the paper is covered. Soak the paper for about 20 minutes.
  3. Take one of the bowls of paper and wring it out about halfway. Put it in the food processor and pulse the paper into a pulp. Repeat this with all the paper colors and put the pulp back into each of the respective bowls.
  4. Sprinkle some seeds (roughly ½ tsp) into each bowl of paper, mix them in a little, and press the pulp and seeds into balls. If using a mold, press the mixture into the mold after mixing the seeds and pulp.
  5. If the pulp is a little dry, put a few sprinkles of water on the pulp. It will help it to hold its shape better.
  6. Set the seed balls on a sheet pan to dry overnight or leave them in the mold, in a dry space.  (Tip: avoid leaving seed bombs near a window)

*You will be able to create approximately 12 seed bombs.

Toilet Paper Roll Bees

Paper Bees Craft


  • Toilet Paper Rolls
  • Recycled Construction Paper scraps (yellow, black and white)
  • Scissors
  • Glue or scotch tape
  • Markers or Pencil Crayons

Make it!

  1. Begin by cutting a piece of yellow paper the same width as your paper towel roll. Wrap paper roll in paper and secure with glue or tape.
  2. Cut 2 small strips of black paper for stripes. You can make them as thick or as thin as you want. Adhere to the lower half of your bee using glue or tape.
  3. Make your wings! Using the white paper, cut out a wing shape and glue them to the back of your paper roll.
  4. Cut a small round shape for the face. Before you glue it on, be sure to draw your bees face first.
  5. Cut out 2 small antennas in black and glue or tape them to the back of the face shape.
  6. Glue or tape your bees face to the front, top of the paper roll and you're done.
  7. Use the same techniques to make more pollinator friends!

*Try adding googly eyes or pipe cleaners antennas. Add decorative stickers, sequins, or gems on the wings.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt


  • Scavenger Hunt List
  • Clip Board
  • Treasure box or basket to hold items
  • Pencil

Suggested Scavenger Hunt list:

  • 3 different leaf shapes
  • a piece of bark
  • 3 rocks (shiny, flat, red)
  • wild flower
  • acorn
  • trash
  • moss
  • something with a scent
  • location of a bird’s nest
  • a seed
  • berries
  • vines
  • pine needles
  • a clover (bonus points for a 4-leaf clover)
  • dandelion fluff
  • something heart shaped
  • pine cone
  • a forked stick
  • something to recycle
  • a feather
  • a spoonful of sand
  • something round
  • something prickly
  • an edible flower
  • location of a spider web
  • thorns
  • a stick longer than your arm
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