We are very happy to welcome l'Église Unie Greenwood, located in Peterborough, Ontario, to our fast-growing and diverse Bee City family. Greenwood has committed to taking actions which align with Bee City’s vision of creating healthy habitats, educating the community and celebrating pollinators. For this, we are excited to welcome them as the first Bee City Faith Community in Canada!

The Greenwood congregation started focusing on pollinator conservation in 2016 by establishing a new garden on the large church property. The selected area was prepared and planted with seeds purchased from Peterborough Pollinators and seedlings started by students at a nearby high school. The garden was also equipped with a rain barrel and compost containers, highlighting the community’s desire to adopt more eco-friendly ways. The vision was to create a place where children can explore, neighbours are welcome to walk their dogs and pollinators can thrive.

Above: The hives at Greenwood.
Top: Members of the congregation ready to launch wildflower seed bombs.

Members of the church community have also been tending to a small number of hives. These were recently located on church grounds and have become a focal point for educational activities for the congregation and neighbourhood. The Greenwood community enjoys having neighbours and other community members visit and learn about pollinators. This year’s “Blessing of the Bees” event, which was held on Earth Day, drew an enthusiastic crowd. Another event is planned for the fall to celebrate the opening of the hives.

A Greenwood beekeeper inspects the hives.

Future plans include the creation of a sanctuary garden, which will provide more food and shelter for pollinators. The Greenwood community also understands that pesticides are harmful to pollinators and have committed to being pesticide-free. Furthermore, members of the congregation have canvassed the area around the church, going door-to-door to encourage neighbours to skip the chemicals.

We are grateful to Greenwood United Church for their positive actions to help our precious pollinators and spread the word about their importance! We also hope that their work will inspire their home city to join the Bee City movement and become an example that many other faith communities will choose to follow.

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Alexis Ocampo

Alexis Ocampo

Communications Intern at Bee City Canada

This featured post was written by Alexis Ocampo, an undergraduate student studying Environment and Development at McGill University. Alexis is interested in the fields of resource management, renewable energy and food sustainability and envisions a future where nature and human development are harmonious. She believes that those who have the power to enact positive change should, and hopes to affect such change in both corporate and non-profit capacities throughout her career. She spends her downtime enjoying the simple things – books, friends, food and conversation.