Waterloo devient la 12e Ville amie des abeilles au Canada

The City of Waterloo is currently leading several community programs and initiatives that support healthy native pollinator populations.  Community park projects include garden beds, living fence buffers, pollinator fedges around community vegetable gardens, removing invasive plant species, and community planting of wildflowers, trees and shrubs.

New initiatives such as the City’s Green Burial provides a natural means of caring for the deceased with minimal environmental consequences.  The site is located in a natural setting, allowing native wildflowers and grasses to grow (photo below).

Waterloo’s Pollinator Working Group, established in May 2018, consists of many “worker bees” that are eager to learn, educate and participate in local events and stewardship activities. These volunteers provide educational tips via our Bee City e-news, offer hands-on educational activities at local events, and host community stewardship activities in city parks. Our key message is for residents to reduce their lawn and plant a pollinator patch.