City of Brooks

This past year, the EcoBrooks committee has been working hard to build a stronger community presence following the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on community events and gatherings. Our first year as a Bee City included a variety of virtual and in person initiatives to reach the community. These included social media contests, giveaways, small meet ups, and local booths at tradeshows and markets.

We found Bee City Canada’s resources to be extremely helpful in communicating accurate information to the public regarding pollinators.

Our main challenge was engaging with the community through virtual means (i.e.: social media platforms) due to our small following – but with the help of the City of Brooks communication team as well as our local radio station, we were able to reach a wider audience. Consistent presence in the community has also helped us build connections with people and communicate our events. This was done through a weekly presence at the Brooks Farmer’s Market where we shared our initiatives as a Bee City, encouraged residents to visit our edible community garden, and shared resources on how to protect pollinators.

In the upcoming year, we hope to continue our existing initiatives (i.e.: edible community garden, pollinator week celebration, community clean ups) and being present at more local events (i.e: markets and tradeshows). We are also looking into hosting educational workshops geared towards educating the public on how to create pollinator friendly green spaces. We are also continuing to build our Pollinator resource kit with brochures and infographics that pertain to our community specifically, and we anticipate that this will be very useful for us going forward.

Brooks is a Bee City