Bee City Partner Application


Join the Bee City Partner Program

Montrez que votre entreprise ou organisation sans but lucratif s’engage à aider les pollinisateurs.

Voici comment:

1. Fill out the Application Form ​ – Either submit our online application or download and complete the Bee City Partner application form.

2. Envoyer votre demande pour approbation – Email your completed application form to [email protected] pour examen. Bee City Canada vous informera dès que la demande aura été approuvée ou vous demandera plus d'information si nécessaire.

Si vous avez des questions sur ce processus, veuillez contacter Shelly Candel au (647) 402-0133.

Once approved, Bee City Canada will declare you a Bee City Partner and provide a Declaration Certificate.

Une fois la certification obtenue:

1. Célébrez being a Bee City Partner through public awareness activities, by posting Bee City Partner signs around your organization and by taking part in International Pollinator Week. Promote your activities through social media, your website and signs in your community.

2. Remplissez en œuvre votre résolution et apportez des améliorations dans votre communauté. Réaliser vos objectifs est essentiel, et c’est un changement qui mérite d'être partagé.

3. Consignez your activities and Renew your Bee City Partner designation, year-after-year.

Annual Fees:

There is a yearly fee for Bee City Partners depending on employee numbers. Fees are used to offer resources such as educational “Buzz” webinars, a Canada wide Pollinator Pledge, and in the future, organizing regional Bee City gatherings, online and in person.

Micro Business (1 to 5 full time employees) $200
Small Business (6 to 50 full time employees) $300
Medium Business (51 – 100 Full time Employee) $400
Large Business (+100 employees) Please Contact Us.
Proud to be a Bee City

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