Xwisten Bridge River

Bridge River Band is Canada’s 31st Bee City!

We are the Xwísten, which means the smiling people in our language. Our language and customs are of the St’át’imc, the interior BC Nation that has existed for many thousands of years in the mountainous regions of south-central British Columbia.

The plan is to have our youth, through the Bridge River Brains Homework club and youth group lead the way in educating our community on the importance of bees. They will research the flowers we will need to plant, make posters advising the community of what we are doing and perhaps start beekeeping in the community. Celebration of pollinators will take place in the third week of June during National Aboriginal Day. The youth will prepare a presentation during the community dinner. Our community is very interested in non-GMO food and do not utilize herbicides or pesticides.

Bridge River Bee City Canada Sign
Bridge River Band Bee City Designation
Students holding Bee City designation