Town of Whitby

Whitby is the 10th Bee City in Canada!

The Town of Whitby is committed to becoming a healthy, sustainable and complete community. Understanding that the pressures that pollinators face are a result of pests and diseases, habitat loss and climate change, we are responding through action.
The Town continued to display its firm commitment as a Bee City of Canada and implemented several initiatives in 2022 including:

  • Operation of the Seeds for Bees Native Plant Nursery
  • The development of a Community Greening Program in partnership with LEAF to increase the native tree population of Whitby through community plantings
  • Successful application to the Pollinator Project Native Plant Grant
  • Positive feedback was received from residents who participated in volunteer tree and shrub planting events hosted by the Town of Whitby and LEAF. Volunteers look forward to future opportunities to help improve habitat for local pollinators in our community.

For more information on Whitby’s activities please visit: