Township of Severn

Severn is Canada’s 25th Bee City

Township of Severn is a beautiful and ecologically diverse municipality in Central Ontario with a strong history of agriculture and outdoor recreation. Many local residents take pride in maintaining their rural properties while enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds them, especially being on the southern edge of Ontario’s cottage country. At the request of local conservationist Matt Thomson, we’re excited to join the growing family of Canada’s Bee Cities and aim to promote the education of our native pollinators we often encounter in our own backyards.

This past year has exploded with new projects underway from park gardens, a community garden, roadside restoration and building a wildflower meadow in a pipeline corridor. The collaborations with municipal staff, County staff and other companies have been wonderful. It’s still a little challenging trying to engage residents in the area but most of them do enjoy hearing stories of projects that we started. Through various outreach events, we try to educate on the importance of including native perennial species, as well as not using so many chemicals around the yard.