Saint-Laurent Becomes the First Bee City in Québec and the 26th in Canada

The Borough of Saint-Laurent is one of Ville de Montréal’s 19 boroughs. As sustainable development is at the heart of all its decisions, Saint-Laurent is doing everything possible to carry out various projects to protect biological diversity, both for wildlife and plant life. In 2017, the Borough became a Monarch-Friendly City by signing the Mayors’ Monarch Pledge, and adopted the Monarch Butterfly as its entomological emblem. Moreover, Saint-Laurent is home to the very first Monarch Watch Station in Montréal.

In addition, in order to protect and attract pollinators to urban areas, the Administration encourages the implementation of development and greening projects with local partners, such as the conservation and protection of Parc Marcel-Laurin woodland, the planting of various greenery while giving priority to nectar plants in public green spaces, and biodiversity awareness programs.