Peterborough Pollinators is currently undertaking a number of initiatives to support pollinators including, – Establishment of pollinator-friendly habitats across the city, through the participatory budgeting (PB) process, which engage local neighbourhoods and offer educational opportunities through community planting events, interpretive signage and outreach activities. Members of Peterborough Pollinators have led the PB efforts for the pollinator garden activities in each ward, including community outreach, garden design and building, and educational awareness initiatives. Examples of the PB pollinator gardens are found at the Northcrest Ward Pollinator Garden (999 Hilliard Street, just south of Marina Dr.), Otonabee Ward Pollinator Garden (706 Pinewood Drive Harper Creek), Monaghan Ward Pollinator Garden (Medical Drive, just north of Weller Street), and pollinator gardens throughout Nicholls Oval
Park. – Schoolyard projects, including the Edmison Heights Revitalization Project, in which Peterborough Pollinators was working with teachers and students to revitalize a half-acre known as the Habitat Area. Pollinator gardens with over 40 species of native plants were planted for this project.

Pollinator garden in Peterborough