The Bee City experience over the past year has been a success. A challenge that we faced this past year was the timing of Pollinator Week in the year, as for a town like Okotoks in southern Alberta, June is still very early in the season. We discussed this with with Bee City Canada, and were approved to celebrate Pollinator Week in July. This allowed us to get much more traction in the community. The newsletters from Bee City are quite helpful, especially to see what others are doing in their communities. The Town’s designation as a Bee City was well received and resulted in a local news story.

Okotoks’ slogan is “Historic Past, Sustainable Future” and we know that being a Bee City will help us achieve a sustainable community for people, plants, and all critters who call Okotoks home. As we continue to protect and support native pollinators we are excited to see the vibrant ecosystem that develops in our community.

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Okotoks Bee Worksop
Okotoks Bee Worksop