Brand Guidelines

When using the Bee City Canada logo or artwork, please follow these brand guidelines.
All logos and fonts can be downloaded on our Creatives page.

Our Logo

Bee City Canada
The Bee City Canada logo is an integral part of our brand. There are multiple variations of our logo to be used in different situations. Using the right variation within the guidelines mentioned in this section is important in order to provide a consistent brand experience.

Logo Font

The Bee City Canada logo is created using the fonts “Advent Pro Regular” and “Advent Pro Medium” from the Advent Pro font family.
Advent Pro
The words Bee and City are capitalized, while CANADA is written in all caps. The Advent Pro Medium weight should be used unless the logo is being represented very small in which case the Regular weight can be used.

Logo Variations

There are 4 versions of the Bee City Canada logo.

Black text, white text, all black or all white. Each version is available horizontally or vertically, with or without our tagline “Connecting People, Pollinators and Places”.

The versions with black text are meant for light backgrounds while the versions with white text are meant for dark backgrounds.

There should always be a minimum of 20px of padding around our logo.

Generally speaking:

  • Never stretch, condense or otherwise morph the logo.
  • Never redraw the logo, adjust the letter spacing or recreate it with different fonts.
  • Never add additional elements, such as shadows, highlights or borders.
  • Never alter the colours.

Logo On Background Images

If insufficient contrast exists in any given background, or when placing the logo over a “busy” background, put the logo in a black or white box and reduce the opacity (transparency). Ensure there’s a minimum of 20px padding on each side.

Logo Colours

Web: #E6168D

Print: C: 3% M: 98% Y: 1% K: 0%

Web: #F7C934

Print: C: 3% M: 19% Y: 90% K: 0%

Web: #000000

Print: C: 75% M: 68% Y: 67% K: 70%


Print: C: 0% M: 0% Y: 0% K: 0%

Accent Colours

Web: #81BF42

Print: C: 55% M: 2% Y: 100% K: 0%

Web: #231F20

Print: C: 70% M: 68% Y: 64% K: 74%

All logos and fonts can be downloaded on our Creatives page.
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