2016 ICSC Maple Leaf Gold Award

We were very happy to hear that our friends at Bentall Kennedy received the 2016 International Council of Shopping Center’s Maple Leaf Gold Award for their work promoting pollinator health. The company’s ‘Bee Friendly’ campaign, which ran during Earth Week, included activities in malls across Toronto to educate visitors about pollinators and promote Toronto as a Bee City. We caught up with Domenic Imbesi, who was instrumental in this campaign, to ask him about Bentall Kennedy’s commitment to helping pollinators and how this is shaping employee attitudes towards a more pollinator-friendly lifestyle.

How has your experience been working with Bee City Canada?

Awesome! I’m really content that Bee City Canada approached us with the opportunity to commence a partnership.

We’ve established a great business relationship. Shelly Candel, Director, is humble and very professional. Gillian Leitch, Program Director, is passionate and very appreciative of our efforts. Together the energy devoted to this cause by this “two-person” team mimics the work and functions of a “Bee Hive” (pardon the pun) . Bee City Canada’s social responsibility values truly align with our corporate values and for this reason I think we were able to foster a successful partnership.

Do you think about things differently now that you know more about pollinators?

Yes! I feel I can be an ambassador and help to raise awareness about this important environmental concern. Prior to meeting with Bee City Canada, I was not educated in this area. Bee City Canada helped me to become more aware of this crisis. I find myself now wanting to learn more about this issue. The topic now comes up often in discussions with my personal friends and at family gatherings.

What impact has the partnership with Bee City Canada had on the company?
To be one of the first companies to support Bee City Canada is an honour. Our “Bee Friendly” public awareness campaign has allowed us to practice one of our core objectives – to better the communities our shopping centre portfolios serve.

Our staff is now intrigued and motivated and are encouraged to be more sustainable in their day to day functions. Truly a viral positive effect!