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St. Mary Catholic Elementary School

Bee School St. Mary

ECO School is now a Bee Shool!

St. Mary has been an ECO School since 2015, when we achieved a Silver status. At that time, we had not even looked at the Schoolyard Greening section of this application. The next year we made an active effort at achieving Gold Status, focusing on our Schoolyard Greening efforts. Since 2016, we have added outdoor classrooms, bird nesting boxes and planted trees. Addi­tionally, our school and the community has had an ever increasing awareness of how “small steps can make a big difference” and our impact on our world. This year, our ECO Team is striv­ing for Platinum and we are looking at new ways to improve our outdoor space from both an en­vironmental viewpoint as well as a wonderful learning space/experience for our students. Be­coming a Bee School seems a natural fit for our philosophy, not to mention in keeping with the fact that King Township iCanada’s ninth Bee City.