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Bee School Ramsay

Ramsay declared a Bee School!

We want to be a Bee School because we love bees! Bees are so special becasue they make honey and they help us grow fruit. If we didn’t have bees, there would be no vegetables, fruit, chocolate, and no honey.

If we become a Bee School, we will help the bees by taking care of them. We will make them a home, plant flowers for them, and use our voices to “say something” so that others will also help the bees. – Students in Grade 1/2  (Room 5) Ms. Paradis

We wish to learn more about bees and teach others in our school, families and community about how amazing they are and how they are an important part of our ecosystem. We plan to speak out through our words and actions to teach, show, create a community like a colony that bees make where we all work together to help one another.

We want to provide places where bee friendly plants grow so that bees have the plants that they need, as well as, provide the type of environment where bees may build their homes.

We hope to spread our knowledge about bees and our excitement about being involved in projects related to helping our community (people, animals, plants, insects and the land) depend on each other. – Students in Grade 1/2 (Room 9) Ms. Rowland