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Drummond Central is a Bee School!

It is important for Drummond Central School to become a Bee School as we feel it deeply connects to our commitment to nature and to experiential learning. Doing our part to help preserve and protect our native pollinators has always been something we have had a keen interesting in doing–it is part of our responsibility as members of the Drummond community which has always had a rich tradition of building community relationships and celebrating student success.

Being a Bee City School would mean that we could really extend our mission of outdoor experiential learning as realized by our dedicated staff, parents and community partners. We are privileged to have a very large school yard green space. We are lucky to have an assortment of trees and shrubs on the yard and have already begun planting bee-friendly flowers. Our hope is to continue our learning about the types of plants, fruits and vegetables that will allow for native bees and pollinators to thrive. Much like a garden grows and thrives with the help of the bees, the staff at Drummond Central School are all “a buzz” about our growth mindset, with our goal being to create an engaging and inclusive place for all of our students to learn.