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Cambridge-Narrows Community School

Bee School Cambridge-Narrows

Our First Bee School in New Brunswick!

We have students that will be making bee boxes. They can simply be made by drilling holes into a piece of wood.

We are also going to have our Environmental Science class working on making Seed bombs. These balls 1 part mixed wildflower seeds, 3 parts compost, 5 parts red powdered clay and a few drops of water. After the seed bombs are made, the seed bombs are dried for 24 hours to harden and protect the seeds inside. The seed bombs will be planted in our garden, schoolyard areas and in the woods on our playground.

We are going to plant Marigolds, Golden Ragworts and Harlequin Blue Flags, and Joe Pye Weed and Smooth Asters in our dedicated bee and butterfly garden boxes.