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Briar Hill declared our 57th Bee School!

Robin Wall Kimmerer writes “People often ask me what one thing I would recommend to restore the relationship between land and people. My answer is almost always, “plant a garden.” It’s good for the health of the earth and it’s good for the health of people.” (Braiding Sweetgrass, pg. 126).

The grade 3/4 teaching team and students have worked incredibly hard this year learning about and designing our “dream” garden”. As a collective, our dream garden includes an Indigenous garden, a pollinator garden, and an edible garden. We have recently received a $1000 grant for this journey to begin. Currently, students are growing a large variety of wildflowers which are native to Alberta. They have spent a great detail of time learning about each wildflower they chose to grow, as well as native bumble bees of Alberta. In creating a school garden, our aim is to create a rich learning environment, where the flowers and pollinators are the teacher, in an attempt to foster a deeper connection to the environment.

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February 2024

2024 Renewal

We plan to revitalize 4 gardens that have been previously used in our school. We also have grant money that will be put towards the creation of pollinator homes/habitats, the purchase of pollinator friendly plants, and other possible garden areas for our school.

We were incredibly successful in the creation of our pollinator garden using a variety of native species from Alberta. We would like to add to these plants, as well as create homes for the pollinators in our school community.

February 2024
Bee School Briar Hill

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