Bee School Application Form

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A) School Information

B) Applicant's Information

C) Becoming a Bee City School

D) Commitments & Actions

The team which will be responsible for the Bee City program at your school. We recommend a committee of at least two teachers/instructors and two students as well as parent(s) and caretaking staff if possible.
Add the name, role and email address of each team member.
Outline any initiatives which aim to improve, maintain or create new habitat for pollinators. Examples could include planting a locally native pollinator garden at your school or in the local community. Describe your plans for habitat and include a plant list.
Outline any initiatives aimed at educating students, staff, volunteers, parents and/or the local community about pollinators.
Tell us how your school will celebrate National Pollinator Week and/or participate in other pollinator-themed events.

E) Other Requirements

F) Requested Attachments

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G) Resolution and Signature

WHEREAS the goal of Bee City Canada is to promote healthy, biodiverse habitats for pollinators in communities across Canada.

THAT bees and other pollinators around the globe have experienced dramatic declines due to land fragmentation, habitat loss, use of pesticides, industrialized agriculture, climate change and the spread of pests and diseases, with serious implications for the future health of flora and fauna for the planet; and

THAT schools have the opportunity to take actions to support pollinators by creating healthy habitats within their grounds and the broader community; and

THAT supporting pollinators fosters environmental awareness, increases interactions and engagement in the school and reminds of our responsibilities to take care of mother earth for future generations; and


THAT your school accepts the designation and commits to the 3 pillars of the Bee City Canada Program; creating healthy biodiverse pollinator habitat, educating whenever possible and celebrating.
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