Island Pacific School

We have an indoor honey beehive and a new (1 year) pollinator garden as well as a food garden and I teach about pollinators in our grade 7 curriculum.

Wild pollinators such as butterflies and bees are crucial to human survival. Climate change, development and widespread pesticide use are compromising their habitat and food sources. By planting pollinator friendly native plants, we can improve the health of pollinators in our region. It is important to have belts of plants that support pollinators so I have volunteered to help by planting indigenous plants that attract native butterflies at the IPS garden, and I am also hoping to work with neighbours to plant some areas at the Tir-na-Nog hillside on Cates Hill and other areas of Bowen island.

I would also like to rent a table at the spring farmers market and give out information and plants and/or seeds. I will have my students take part in every step of the project so that they can learn about the importance of pollinators and also how to make a positive impact on their community through stewardship.