Humber Summit Middle School

Class 61 thinks it’s important to become a Bee City School because we want to bring change to this world. As “Agents of Change” and the ones who are the future, we want the future to be a good place, not only for us but for all generations to come. We have dreams and we want to live them. When people look at us, they may think, “how can a bunch of eleven-year old’s make a difference to the world?” Us kids can do something even if it is as little as planting a flower which can bloom its petals for a better future. Our help is needed today and now! We here at Humber Summit M.S. are proud to already be an Eco School and are looking forward to becoming a Bee City School as well. We have already begun to bring change to our school by creating an outdoor classroom, having a water refill station, and etc. The bottom line is that virtually all of the world’s seed plants need to be pollinated, therefore, we must ensure our pollinators are well protected and cared for.