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Bee School Renewal

The purpose of the Bee School renewal is to celebrate your accomplishments and to set future goals.

Help us celebrate your accomplishments!

Renew Your Annual Commitments

We are grateful for your continued commitment to supporting pollinator health! Your efforts and dedication are having a positive impact in your school and across Canada.

As part of the Bee School renewal process, we ask that you share with us some information about your experiences with Bee City Canada.

Bee City Schools

While filling out the renewal form, you can Save & Resume your progress using the button at the bottom of the page.

Bee School Renewal

A) School Information

B) Applicant’s Information

C) Bee School Pollinator Team

List the members of your Pollinator Team responsible for the Bee City program at your school. We recommend a committee of at least two teachers and two students as well as parent(s) and caretaking/facilities staff, when possible.

D) Your Experiences and Plans

E) Plans for next year

G) Suggestions and feedback

H) Signature