Bee City Partner Benefits

A partnership with Bee City Canada can help your business, non-profit or community foundation.

Here’s why:

A Bee City Partner takes action to help our troubled pollinators, addressing an issue which concerns Canadians.  This can help set your organization apart from competitors, foster a more positive brand image and attract new customers.

As a Bee City Partner, you will also appeal to the many Canadians who want to work for a socially responsible company, helping your company to attract, motivate and retain employees.

Bee City Canada’s mission to protect pollinators has clearly resonated with Canadians, with more than 100 cities, schools and businesses joining the Bee City family as of 2019. Becoming a Bee City Partner connects you with this growing community and important movement.

Here’s how we’ll support you.

Bee City Canada is committed to a positive and fruitful relationship.  We will work with you to develop a partnership that is right for your organization.

A dedicated Bee City Canada representative will help you establish objectives, inspire you with ideas and be available to contact and keep you updated on all aspects of the partnership.

In addition, our social media team will help you engage with our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram communities.

Please call Shelly Candel at 647-402-0133 if you have any questions about the Bee City Partner Program.

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