Luke Farrier Proulx Ltd.

Over the years, I have watched the rural properties surrounding our farm change hands and inevitably succumb to suburbanization. With each new, successive owner the lawns get bigger while large canopy trees are lost, shrubs are cut back and wildflowers cut down. The native habitat is being destroyed by an unwritten, unquestioned, culturally conditioned suburban code of conduct: mow the lawn, short and often.

The result is an ecological wasteland. Wildlife, birds and pollinators are disappearing along with their food sources, nesting sites and shelter before my eyes with heartbreaking, terrifying speed this diminished state becomes the new normal. And with that knowledge comes a responsibility to positively act for a greater good. Every business (and individual) has inherent, unique opportunities to advocate for the environment. Becoming a designated Bee City Business will allow us, as small business owners and committed individuals, to add our voice and actions to a collective chorus and amplify the simple, crucial message: protect the pollinators and their habitat – for our sake and theirs.