Friends and Stewards of Dorchester Park

The Friends and Stewards of Dorchester Park are a grass-roots group of volunteers dedicated to restoring, maintaining, and protecting nearby nature in their local city park for the mutual benefit of present and future generations of community members including humans, and the native flora and fauna dependent on this urban habitat. The stewardship group operates as an official member of the City of Brampton’s Adopt-A-Park program, and is supported by contributions from community members, a consulting Ecologist, and the City of Brampton.

This past year we have continued to actively steward the park-manage invasive species (garlic mustard, buckthorn, honeysuckle, rosa multiflora, Norway maples, burning bush, DSV) throughout the season, we worked with the city forestry department to select 36 more trees to plant in the wider park-mostly native to eastern North America, continued to advocate and provide acre for small trees in the restoration area and the wider park-mulch, weed and water via water bags, planted more native understory plants in the restoration area and in the two pollinator patches, provided public education on all the above and importance to native pollinators and birds/animals by being “habitat heroes”, maintained the existing pollinator patch throughout the season.

Friends & Stewards of Dorchester Park