Bee Sweet Nature Company

Marion and Richard Robertson are the co-owners of Bee Sweet Nature Company. They started out as beekeepers but quickly learned that they needed to plant pesticide free, native plants, shrubs and trees to provide the bees with the best and healthiest food possible, and before they knew it, they started a nursery business specializing in Carolinian trees, shrubs and pollinator plants. Marion Robertson is a fine writer and an excellent speaker. Below is an excerpt from one of her excellent articles recently published.

“Last year was an exciting year when we launched our assisted tree migration program and expanded our Ontario seed sourcing. It was a big step and now we are letting this ‘ simmer ‘ with the plant industry and the general public.This year, we want to move our honey farm forward by taking well known agricultural ideas and crops and using them in a more unconventional way. We want to become ‘ Farm for Pollinators ‘. By farming for all pollinators, native and honeybee, the honey bee business and nursery will benefit.”