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Region of Waterloo

Bee City Region of Waterloo

Becomes the first Bee City Region in Canada!

By becoming a Bee City Region, the Region of Waterloo will be able to establish a core group of individuals whose mandate will be to provide leadership to our local municipalities, local communities (neighbourhood, school, faith) and individuals who are interested in learning more about pollinators as well as becoming involved in hands-on projects. The Region will also be able to highlight and celebrate initiatives already in place and further engage local residents in an environment of creativity and innovation which will promote a healthier life for our community.

The Region of Waterloo will initiate and engage in conversations with and among municipalities, local communities and individuals about how to grow local healthy food and how to reduce or eliminate chemicals that are harmful to pollinators, the food system and the planet. Finally, by becoming a Bee Region, we will be able to provide liaison opportunities between rural landowners (agricultural and non- agricultural) and urban residents to promote and encourage sharing of knowledge about pollinators and their role in ecosystem functions, food production, and healthy lifestyles.