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Township of Minden Hills

Bee City Township of Minden Hills

Minden Hills has become our 84th Bee City!

The Bee City Canada designation builds upon existing initiatives and will help establish new approaches and partnerships that advance numerous township objectives.

There are many important initiatives the Township would like to implement. Three initiatives have been prioritized and include a partnership with the Rotary Club of Minden. This service organization shares similar goals that focus on the environment as well as public education. This collaborative initiative will include the creation of a pollinator garden within the community.

Another important initiative is collaborating with the local public school. This will provide the school with access to more resources, educating children about the importance of pollinators as well as help to inspire action. There are many opportunities to get children involved which will include the creation of a pollinator garden on the school grounds where students can have hands on experience, get involved, and see and study the benefits, in addition to learning about the different living things that thrive in that habitat.

Public education and involvement is important to help promote and encourage pollinator initiatives. The Township will be running a Bee a Hero Garden Challenge as well as a wildflower seed packet giveaway. During the wildflower seed packet giveaway, there will be an opportunity to speak to community members about pollinators, pollinator habitat protection, and environmental stewardship.