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King Township

Bee City Township of King

Located on the ecologically important Oak Ridges Moraine, King Township is the 9th Bee City!

King Township is enhancing existing and creating new habitats for pollinators in parks, gardens and naturalized areas. They are also engaging and teaching youth about the importance of pollinators through nature-based activities held at Cold Creek Conservation Area.

Bee City Canada is grateful for King Township’s commitment to helping pollinators!

Learn about King Township’s Environmental Stewardship

January 2020

2020 Renewal

King Township performed a variety of activities related to pollinators in 2019. Activities focused around both increasing pollinator habitat, as well as increasing the community’s awareness when it comes to the many issues our native pollinators face. Examples of activities include: pollinator-related educational presentations for the general public, native wildflower plantings throughout the Township involving local volunteers, mason bee house building workshop, and litter clean ups to improve pollinator habitat.
Challenges included trying to engage and involve King Township residents, particularly youth, in our pollinator related events. The population in King Township is quite small and spread out, effective promotion has consistently been a challenge for the environmental stewardship coordinator. However, efforts have been made to overcome this challenge by testing a broader variety of advertising platforms. Feedback has been generally positive at our pollinator-based events, with a majority of Township residents
expressing interest in pollinators and doing their part to help.

Community initiatives focusing on habitat creation and improvement involve the Environmental Stewardship Coordinator at King Township organizing wildflower plantings and tall grass restoration across several sites throughout the township, including locations such as Cold Creek Conservation Area, Schomberg Community Farm, King City Community Garden, King Township owned buildings such as the new King Township Municipal Centre and the King Heritage & Cultural Centre.

January 2020
Bee City Township of King

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