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T’it’q’et First Nation

Bee City T’it’q’et

T’it’q’et is the first First Nation to join the Bee City family and the second community in British Columbia!

Located along the Fraser River, the community of the P’egp’ig’lha People have already brought great wisdom to Bee City. As a requirement of adopting the resolutions they have determined that youth members must be part of their Bee City team and, in fact, they are leading the charge.

February 2017

T’it’q’et Application

T’it’q’et First Nations adopt and pass the Bee City Canada Resolution through Band Council.

Establishment of pollinator friendly habitat across the community, which engage local community members and provide educational opportunities through interpretive sign age, community planting events, and/or tours. Examples include: Ucwalmicw Community Garden and/or the P’egp’ig’lha Community Center.
• Offering ongoing Children/Youth’s Eco Programs in the Ucwalmicw Community Garden which educate and engage children/youth through environmental, nature, nutrition and garden programming, which includes pollinators.
• Community Education and promotion of native plantings on private land through the outreach efforts of T’it’ q’ et Administration
• Recognize the contribution of community members who demonstrate environmentally responsible gardening practices through our T’it’q’et Administration Eco-Friendly awards program.
• Ensure the banning of the use of pesticides and be pesticide free by spring of 2017 within the T’it’q’et Community.

Being on Traditional Indigenous land, we have never used pesticides and try to educate public on how harmful pesticides can be.

February 2017
Bee City T’it’q’et

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