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Town of Tillsonburg

Bee City Tillsonburg

Being a Bee City is important to our Town for many reasons

Tillsonburg has a strong agricultural background with the area being a hotspot for tobacco growth through the middle part of a century.
Since the tobacco growing industry has slowed due to health concerns. a lot of the farmers in the area have started growing potatoes and other vegetables. In fact. our neighbor to the east. Norfolk County. is considered “Ontario’s Garden” as seen on the signs that mark the entrances to the county.

25 minutes to the west we have “Clovermead”. a bee farm that has expanded into an educational center for tourists. locals and school aged children. It really isn’t uncommon to see bee hives scattered around the local landscape as farms try to help with the pollination of their crops. We also have our fair share of “honey booths” at the side of the road. selling their local honeys.

Someone once said that it would take $3 trillion dollars a year to do what bees do for free. We think we should be saving our bee population for that reason alone.