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The buzz in St. Thomas is real!

For more than a decade we’ve been bringing the bees and other pollinators back to the forefront by reducing pesticide use and including more native plants in our landscapes. We are thrilled to be a Bee City and are committed to continuing local educational partnerships that highlight the importance of pollinators in our lives and celebrate working together to create more habitats for them to thrive.

July 2023

Bee City Application

Bat Boxes – 6 Installed around Lake Margaret and the butterfly meadow, in an effort to protect the Little Brown Myotis bats, along with those we are planting native seed mixes to encourage a food source for the bats, as they feed off of the insects that are attracted to the plants.

• Depave Paradise project reduced concrete area by 70 square meters and planted over 75 Native plants at the Horton Farmers’ market.
• Working with Ontario NativeScape to increase the amount of naturalized park land through out the city– in 2022 we completed 3 acres, in 2023 we will plant 1.25 acres with plans to identify additional areas every year that can be planted.
• We have been using a product called Axxe Broad Spectrum through out the city (which is a soap product that penetrates the cell walls of plants) for weed control – it does not migrate through the soil and is not translocated in plants.
• In our Council approved Trail standard we follow the practice of not mowing outside of a 1m swath along our over 30kms of recreational trails through out the city to promote native plant growth.
• Municipal Greenhouse has successfully been pesticide free since 2011 with the use of beneficial insects.
• Installation of interpretive signage to inform the public of the benefits of these areas.
• 646 trees planted in 2022, and 615 trees planned to be planted in 2023.
• The city introduced a Private tree bylaw in 2017 to ensure the continued growth of the Urban Forestry Canopy currently at 26% or 915 Hectares – for comparison a few larger cities such as London 24%, Kitchener 27%, Guelph 23%.

July 2023
Bee City St. Thomas

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