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Simcoe County is a Bee City!

In 2018 Tourism Simcoe County (TSC) unveiled the Simcoe County Honey Trail, a partnership of beekeepers and local organizations. Together the group provides visitors to Simcoe County with a way to engage with and celebrate beekeeping as an integral part of the local culture.

Following the launch of the Simcoe County Honey Trail, the public showed a tremendous amount of interest in apiculture and visiting places that have a connection to the local community and bees. Because of this, Tourism Simcoe County has begun to expand from the smaller Simcoe County Honey Trail to a countywide ‘Bees & Honey’ program, which will draw attention to how important pollinator health is to the whole of Simcoe County.

In addition to promoting Bees & Honey in Simcoe County, the County of Simcoe works closely with organizations such as the Simcoe County Food Council, libraries, and community-based organizations to support community gardens, seed libraries, and agricultural fairs, all of which are specifically interested in supporting diverse and healthy pollinator habitats.

Bee City Simcoe

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