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Township in central-eastern Ontario is 18th Bee City!

The Township of Selwyn has been actively working with several community and not-for-profit groups to enhance pollinator health. A partnership with the Otanabee Region Conservation Authority and Lakefield College School has helped to naturalize parts of the shoreline of the Otanabee River through the planting of native shrubs and other vegetation, including winterberry, fragrant sumac, flowering raspberry and white yarrow. Another initiative brought together residents and the Lakefield and District Horticultural Society to create a pollinator garden at Isabel Morris Park. The Town has committed to continue to promote and encourage residents to plant native species and avoid pesticides.

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August 2018

Bee City Application

The Township of Selwyn along with various community and not-for-profit groups has supported and undertaken a number of initiatives to enhanced pollinator health. This is demonstrated through a variety of projects including:

• Collaborating with the Lakefield & District Horticultural Society and local residents to create a pollinator garden in Isabel Morris Park inclusive of planting native wildflowers enriched with nectar and pollen; as well as constructing a bee con­do and educational signage.
• Educating the public on the importance of pollinators through the Lakefield & District Horticultural Society sale of “Pollinator Calendars”.
• Training and educating community members through the Ennismore & District Horticultural Society information meetings regarding the plight of the pollinator, effects of pesticides and pollinator habitat.
• Collaborating with the Ennismore & District Horticultural Society to establish a “Memorial Forest/Garden” at the Ennismore Waterfront Park complete with native tree plantings and a bee house.
• Creating environments throughout the municipality to encourage pollination such as the Ennismore & District Horticultural Society’s initiative of planting 1,000 tulip bulbs in partnership with a local elementary school as well as planting annual flowers to add colour and food for pollinators at various local gardens.
• Partnering with Otonabee Region Conservation Authority (ORCA) and Lakefield College School to naturalize the shoreline along the Otonabee River by planting native shrubs and vegetation including: winterberry, sweet gale, Shrubby cinque­foil, fragrant sumac, flowering raspberry, white yarrow, pearly everlasting, canada anemone, columbine, red milkweed, butterfly weed, new england aster, lance leaf tickseed, purple coneflower, fireweed, blanket flower, bottle gentian, ox eye sunflower, blue flag iris, turk’s cap lily, blue flax, virginia bluebells, wild blue phlox, black eyed susan, canada goldenrod, red osier dogwood, dwarf bush hon­eysuckle, St. John’s wort.
• Promoting ‘Take a Seed – Leave a Seed” at local libraries to encourage resi­dents including children to begin gardening and grow flowers to attract and feed pollinators.

August 2018
Bee City Selwyn

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