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Being part of the Bee City Canada movement is an important initiative for Peterborough

Peterborough Pollinators led pollinator awareness campaigns through social media and promoted pollinator-friendly habitats across the city. In 2023, there are over 300 registered pollinator gardens in Peterborough. The City of Peterborough is striving to lower pesticide usage at corporate facilities and parks community-wide. In addition, native pollinator planting is being championed by Peterborough Pollinators to increase pollinator habitat along with educating residents about the impact of pesticides.

However, more work is needed to promote pollinators and pollinator habitats as being integral to Peterborough successfully adapting to a changing climate and pressures of habitat loss. Also, further reduction in pesticide use for pests that do not have implications for human health outcomes (i.e., poison ivy) is needed.

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