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Town of Otterburn Park

Bee City Otterburn Park

Becoming a Bee Friendly City means recognizing and celebrating the Queen of Pollinators, our greatest ally in keeping our living environment alive!

Otterburn Park is a town offering a natural, rural and attractive environment for and by its citizens. It is under the theme “your nature inspires me” that the Town identifies itself. Bees are an essential link in our biodiversity; they have always made it possible to pollinate both our wild flora and our crops, mainly our apple trees, which are very present in the region.

Today, our urban city is adorned with an even more diverse flora well maintained by all the amateur gardeners that we are for our own pleasure of the senses. More than ever, this great biodiversity requires the laborious work of these bees for its survival, evolution and reproduction.

Bee City Otterburn Park

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