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Bee City Hamilton

39th Bee City in Canada

The City of Hamilton and community partners are motivated to support the pollinators and be recognized as the 39th Canadian Bee City. By working collaboratively, opportunities and initiatives to support healthy pollinator populations will be realized.

Via our Invasive Species technician’s, we targeted the removal of 23 different non-native invasive species (including Knotweed, DSV, Phragmites, Bittersweet, Buckthorn) in 13 Conservation Areas,
treating>4500 stems, removal of over 7200 stems, treated 7.1 acres – these efforts will contribute towards enhancing pollinator habitat – Our Stewardship program worked with 26 landowners/properties to remove 14 different non-native invasive species and enhanced 4.83 acres – Completed the first of four planned wetlands at the new Saltfleet Conservation Area – accessing technical and financial assistance, private property owners in City of Hamilton planted 2.5 hectares with native trees, shrubs and plants.

Hamilton Naturalists’ Club was able to host more activities than the previous year. This included hosting weekly volunteer activities to maintain and expand 7 pollinator habitats that have been created in parks in the city. This included removing thousands of invasive plants and planting over 300 native trees, shrubs and wildflowers. We also continue to encourage residents to add native plants to their gardens through the Pollinator Paradise program which now has over 400 certified gardens, 100 more than last year. – increased awareness about pollinators and how residents can take action by increasing activity on the Pollinator Paradise Instagram page. This has increased the number of followers to over 3,500, many of whom regularly interact with the posts.

Hamilton Pollinator Paradise Project

May 2023
Bee City Hamilton

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