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Bee City Brampton

The City of Brampton was officially recognized as a Bee City in June of 2021

Since then, the City of Brampton continues to implement strategic frameworks and leverage existing programs that support the Bee City designation.During the past year, the City held various events during pollinator week such as a scavenger hunt and Twitter campaign to educate and advocate for pollinators. Additionally two major initiatives were started:

Dearbourne Pollinator Habitat Pilot Project

In 2021, an area within the Dearbourne Park was selected for a pilot project as a potential location for a new program that enhances the No Mow program. The intent of this new phase is to build a community program focused on creating and maintaining pollinator habitat on public lands in local neighbourhoods. In 2022, the City hosted an open house to engage the community about the potential habitat, its development and succession. The City is now working to plan the project and will be engaging the community again in 2023.

Grass and Weed Cutting Bylaw Update

In 2022, the City begin drafting a proposed update to its Grass and Weed Cutting By-law. The update will aim to provide property owners with more choice over their approach to gardening. The proposed changes offer more flexibility, while maintaining the health and safety of residents, their properties, and Brampton’s environment. Information on the By-law update here

Bee City Brampton, Supporting Pollinators: www.brampton.ca/pollinators

Bee City Brampton

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