Bee City Application Form

Need help with this renewal form? Contact Shelly Candel at [email protected] or 647-402-0133.

A) City or Community Information

B) Applicant's Information

C) Bee City Pollinator Team

Please list the members of your community’s Bee City Pollinator Team. This group will oversee the Bee City program.
Add the name, role and email address of each team member.

D) Commitments & Actions

I/we, the undersigned, understand that the Bee City Canada program consists of three commitments, and that we will take the indicated actions to support those commitments:
Describe your plans to create, improve and maintain pollinator habitat, while reducing or eliminating pesticide use.
Describe how you plan to educate residents, city staff and others about the importance of pollinators and what people can do to protect them.
Describe how you plan to celebrate pollinators during international Pollinator Week (third week of June) or at another more convenient time.

Download and complete the Resolution Document and have it signed by the Mayor or authorized city official.

The wording of the resolution can be changed to suit the needs of your city. Email the completed resolution to [email protected]

E) Other Requirements

F) Annual Renewal Fees

There are no fees on the initial application. The fees below apply to your annual renewal.

G) Requested Attachments

1. A short 50-100 word write-up of what it means to your city to become a Bee City. Include photos if possible. This will help us share the exciting news through our social media outlets.

2. Your city, region or First Nation logo (png format) and any usage guidelines.
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H) Signature