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17th Bee City promotes use of native plants on public and private property

Among other things, the Town of Ajax is focusing on helping pollinators by supporting initiatives that encourage the use of native trees, shrubs and flowering plants. The Bees Need Trees is one such program. Developed in partnership with LEAF, it provides helpful information and subsidized planting kits to residents. Also, the Pollinator Meadowscape Project is a collaborative three-year project through which Ajax, the Toronto and Region Conservation AuthorityDurham Sustain AbilityNative Plants in Claremont and Community Development Council Durham have been working to link together natural spaces and community gardens.

June 2018

Bee City Application

-The Town has a number of policies in place to help ensure that pollinator habitat is made available throughout Ajax by encouraging the growth and establishment of native plants on both public and private property. Policies are found in a number of strategic documents including: Official Plan Consolidation (2016), Urban Forest Management Plan (2012), and Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (2013)

-To encourage residents to establish native plant habitat the Town provides free wildflower seeds to residents who visit the Sustainable Ajax booth at the community events. These perennial wildflower seeds are designed to grow in Ajax and are comprised of a variety of native species including Milkweed.

-Pollinator Meadowscape Project is a collaborative three year project with the Town of Ajax, and the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), alongside collaborative partners Durham Sustain-Ability, Native Plants in Claremont and Community Development Council Durham. The purpose of this project is to link natural spaces with pollinators and community gardens. By engaging the community we are able to work with volunteers to establish a number of native plant demonstration gardens, whilst increasing knowledge and understanding of the role pollinators play in our local food supply. Over the three years this project was able to achieve: the creation of two demonstration gardens (St. Andrews Park & Com-munity Development Council Durham – Community Garden), Ajax Meadow
rehabilitation, and the installation of 22 pollinator habitats

June 2018
Bee City Ajax

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