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SAIT designated a Bee Campus!

SAIT’s Bee Campus initiative began in 2009 with a plan for a culinary garden, which sparked the idea of rooftop beehives. In 2014, the rooftop apiary was installed, but now the beehives act as more than a honey source for the School of Hospitality and Tourism. They are an educational tool and conversation starter for native pollinators, pollinator habitat creation, and pesticide use.

SAIT’s Indigenous Plant Species Biome, planted in the summer of 2017, has inspired the SAIT Beekeeping Club to increase pollinator nectar and pollen sources. Students in all fields have the opportunity to learn about native pollinator conservation and the effect of habitat loss on both managed honeybee hives and diverse local pollinators. Our technical college looks forward to welcoming, spreading the word, and creating healthy homes for these invaluable pollinators!