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Bee Campus Niagara College

Niagara College is a Bee Campus

At Niagara College, a focus on sustainability is one of the fundamental pillars that supports all of our activities. Since 2015, we have maintained a dedicated Office of Sustainability that has keenly developed and overseen countless opportunities to improve sustainable behaviour on campus, as well as to connect students, faculty, and staff to the rich environment just outside the College’s walls. These opportunities include winning Niagara Sustainability Initiative awards, obtaining Audubon International certification, organizing several volunteer-based monitoring, clean-up and hiking events, along with initiatives focused on species monitoring such as BioBlitz. Many of our programs also host students and faculty with environmental backgrounds, allowing them to hone and share their knowledge – this includes the importance of pollinators to the food industry, threats to pollinator population health, and measures to combat these issues.

Bee Campus Niagara College

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