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Mount Saint Vincent University

Bee Campus Mount Saint Vincent University

Our 1st Bee Campus in Nova Scotia!

Universities are the hubs for knowledge creation and translation. As its own community that spreads to surrounding members external to the campus, it can impact its surroundings from its own microsystem to a macrosystem. Each year, an impression is made on domestic and international students who thus impact their own practice and ways of life. To instill a love for nature and pollinators early in developing identities and those questing for ongoing knowledge and continuing education, we can positively help the globe and Earth.

With new research showing how environmentally damaging honey bees are, I wish to use the apiary as a way to reach people interested in honey bees to advocate for better practices that support native pollinators and habitats. If everyone gets honey bees, we don’t have the flora capacity to support them all and native bees will suffer (as well as certain species of plants that could become extinct based on pollinator preference and competitiveness).

Since universities are evidence-based and leads in research, I strongly believe that higher education should promote the latest research – however many egos it may burn!

The buzz on campus: Honeybee hive installed at the Mount

Mount Saint Vincent University